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Keeping Your Spirits Up in a Tough Job Search Environment
[2009-07-27] No matter how you've become unemployed over the past year or more - whether through choice or force - if you're looking to regain employment, this is a tough time to make your dream a reality. With millions of jobs lost in the past few months, acquiring a new gig is not a simple task.

Getting the Job You Desire: Preparing for Various Interview Types
[2009-07-14] If you've been on multiple job interviews then you know that you might encounter a different environment depending on the company you interview with. This is pretty common because every company has its own culture. And more importantly, each company - and even department - instills its own interviewing strategy.

Reinvent Your Career by Knowing You
[2009-06-30] If you've been thinking about starting a new career, you may be feeling confused as to where to start. You know you don't want to continue on your current path, but you don't exactly know what new path to take.

Social Networking and the Job Search for Baby Boomers
[2009-06-19] In the new world of technology, it's very common for job seekers to work via the Internet to find their employment. This is mainly because many employers have moved their application processes to the Internet - as well as their headhunters. In other words, if you want to find employment, your best bet is to do it online.

Pimp Your Resume: 5 Cool Resume Tips
[2009-06-09] You've probably heard of the show "Pimp My Ride," where a lucky person has a chance to turn an otherwise crappy vehicle into the beautiful car of their dreams. Well, as beautiful as a 1978 Ford Pinto can get, that is.

Past Employers Have Equal Power Over Credibility As Your Resume
[2009-05-26] Louis Gray wrote an article about how Skill or Luck can influence how people perceive your ability to do work. Sometimes a bad organization can haunt you forever, and this goes for just about any place you choose to work.

Making Electronic Resumes Work for You
[2009-05-11] Weıre living in an electronic world, which means itıs pretty important that when it comes to resumes you learn to be an electronic girl ­ or boy. There are a high percentage of companies that prefer that job candidates submit applications and resumes online. So if you donıt know how to do so, you may find yourself left behind your technologically advanced competition.

Finding A Job Through Social Media Avenues
[2009-04-28] As you may know, Ignite Social Media is a close knit group who has grown rather quickly in the last year. Since I started, the agency has doubled and we're still growing. In that time, we have chosen carefully to ensure we're getting people that are the perfect fit for each opening and it hasn't been easy.

Doing Well In An Interview Environment
[2009-04-14] In a previous role, I used to interview at least one person per week to handle overload and grow our team at a large ad agency in Sydney. Though I don't do much hiring personally in my role now, many of the lessons have stayed with me. Aside from the obvious advice of looking your interviewer in the eye and being friendly, for this fourth post of Career Survival Week I thought I would include a checklist of things that most successful candidates are able to do in a job interview:

Job Seeking In The Social Media Era
[2009-03-30] When it comes to looking for a new job, the rules are different to what they once were. Of course we all realize the power of technology to bring us job listings from sites like Monster or CareerBuilder, but when it comes to finding your new role - if you're still relying on a resume to get you in the door then you're stuck in the old way of doing things. To help progress, here are some tips on job seeking in the social media era.

In A Tough Economy Hold The Job You Have
[2009-03-16] In an economy like this one, your best career survival tip may be to hold on to the job you've got. If you're working at a company that isn't necessarily shutting its doors, but may need to let some people go ... your challenge is to prove yourself too valuable to let go. Social media (blogs, social networks, forums, online video, etc.) can help with this. Here are a few ideas for how you could use social media to keep the job you have right now:

Five Steps To Survive A Layoff
[2009-03-02] Every day it seems a new company has layoffs and friends around me in my social network that were previously in totally secure jobs are now finding themselves looking for new work and even rethinking their careers. I've been in this situation before, living through two dotcom booms and busts - one in the US and one in Australia. I have been thinking about what I can do to help - and I decided that I'm going to devote my posts this week to "career survival." So this week I'm going to write a new post each day with some point of advice or tip for anyone who has recently be laid off, downsized, or otherwise needs to find a new and better job.

Expanding And Enhancing Your Career Search
[2009-02-09] Your new job search needs to incorporate much of the new technology as possible. While Dice and Monster might be good, to find real viable jobs, it is time to expand your search and how you search for your next gig.

Avoid Warning Flags in Your Resume
[2009-01-21] There are just some resumes that set off every warning sign when it comes to the potential hire. These are people that just will never make it through the hiring process, and here is what you can do to avoid being a "red flag resume".

Economic Downturn is Prime Time for Startups
[2008-12-30] Doom and gloom. Layoffs, bankruptcy, insolvency, bailouts. Blah blah blah Wall Street, blah blah blah Main Street. It's a terrible time to start a company, right? Wrong! Here are six reasons why you should start your new company right now.

Choosing SEO as Your Career Path
[2008-12-09] When we asked for questions from our readers on topics they'd like to see covered, we received a few requests on how to set up an SEO agency and position the service. Here's my take on it:

Coping With Layoff Survivors Guilt
[2008-11-25] If you are one of the fortunate that survives a company's downsizing or mass layoff, you might wonder why you have a huge mistrust of management right now. It is called survivors guilt, and there are some things you can do to help yourself through it.

Tips To Consider When Searching For Your Career Job
[2008-11-10] There are times when the need to switch a job is high on the agenda and it gets essential to breathe a new air into one's professional life. It's pretty humane to make mistakes, but there are a few concerns which are a strict no-no when one thinks of switching from one organization to another.

In The Internet Marketing Industry? Listen Up!
[2008-10-28] In my day job, I consult with companies classified as SMBs (small and medium businesses) regarding their Internet marketing efforts. Many of these companies are a bit skittish these days regarding the adoption and implementation of Internet marketing. There are any number of reasons including the economy and lack of understanding of the Internet and its benefits. I think there is one reason that might actually be inadvertently perpetuated by the industry itself: being intimidated by the "hugeness" of Internet marketing.

Making Your Resume Stand Out
[2008-10-13] Since the economy is slowing down, I'm hearing of lots of you who are getting laid off and looking for jobs. Here's my experience on the other side of that - being someone who is trying to hire someone.

Job Hunting? Check Your Social Networking First.
[2008-09-29] Have you checked your social networking profile lately? If you're planning on applying for a job anytime soon, you should know that a study suggests one in five recruiters use social networks in their hiring process-33% of them have rejected candidates based on what they found!

Enhancing Your Career
[2008-09-16] In the Sunday Times article today, one of the suggestions I made to enhance your presentation skills is to work with a mentor. But what can you do if there is no formal mentoring programme in your company?

Interested in a Linux Career?
[2008-09-02] So you've been playing around with your tux box for quite some time now. Experimenting with tar balls, the terminal, packages, distros, etc. may now be a part for your daily routine. If you remember, we talked about the existing career opportunities with Linux in a two-post article, few days back.

Social Media Dream Jobs
[2008-08-19] Could it be commonplace someday to create a resume that shows how much time you spend using social media? Is that really a job skill?

Starting A Career In SEO
[2008-08-05] In October of 2006, when I was first interviewing for in-house SEO positions, I wrote a series of articles on SEO job searches (listed below) and incorporated my own research on Salary ranges for SEO.